I don’t do gratuitous endorsements. But, I complain when I get bad service, so I feel it’s appropriate to recognize when I get great function or service.

I’ve used dozens of hosting companies at different levels. I currently have hosting with MaximumASP, ORCSWeb, Brinkster, and A2 (Linux Hosting) I use multiple accounts because it helps me understand what folks have to deal with when hosting their sites and applications.

These are the ones that have survived my scrutiny.

I have a dedicated host at MaximumASP. It’s a box that they retired from production. They cycle machines in and out of their production tier so that their machines stay “current” relative to CPU speed, memory etc. So my machine at MaximumASP is perfectly functional, just not “new”.

A few weeks ago I started publishing the Atlas How Do I Videos.

The publishing process was supposed to have three steps. I would stage them on my server at MaximumASP. Someone else would deploy them at and a third guy (in Australia) would update the content on

Somehow the communication of the publishing process got glitched and the pages on published videos with links directly to my MaximumASP server.

HUNDREDS of gigabytes later I got my monthly bandwidth consumption report from MaximumASP and couldn’t believe the numbers.

My little server, considered not good powerful enough to be first tier by MaximumASP, was serving up all these hundreds of gigs of videos and the performance / bandwidth was so good that we never noticed that we never noticed that the files never got moved to our own infrastructure.

Pretty cool, if you ask me !

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