I wanna like Windows Vista, really I do.

But, like a loud child, I have to WORK at liking it.

After finally turning off all the redundant Security Dialogs….

  1. – Do you wanna do this ?
  2. – Are you SURE you wanna do this ?
  3. – It might be dangerous, are you really really sure ?

I’m settling down to really work on Vista and I’m finding lots to complain about.

Today’s complaint is this.

I downloaded and installed the AJAX Control Toolkit and tried to open up the Toolkit Solution and I get this.


Well, it turns out that the files contained in the Zip file are not trusted because they came from the internet.

So I can do this….


I can “Unblock”.

My problem is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to do it at the directory level, so I have to do it for each of thousands of files.

I know that I’m old and crotchety, and I( understand that these security enhancements are for users that need the security assistance.

I want the Windows Vista Features.

I also want6 w Wizard that I can run that tells Vista _ TRUST EVERYTHING I DO AND DON’T EVER ASK ME AGAIN !!!!!