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  • Blog Post: Fixing an issue with Windows Live Toolbar and Favorites Sync

    I’ve always used the Windows Live Toolbar to sync favorites across my multiple machines, so it was a bit disappointing when the previous beta removed that functionality with the demise of That meant I was pleased to see the service had been added to the latest beta of the toolbar...
  • Blog Post: Linking Fire Eagle and Twitter

    The next stage in my plan to let the whole world know where I am has been to hook up my Fire Eagle location to Twitter, so every time my location changes a Tweet is sent to everyone following me . I thought for a while about hooking up my code to Twitter using the Twitter API, but then realised there...
  • Blog Post: Cool tip when using Windows Live Local

    I'm now working on the Windows Live Expo team, which means: I might have some more interesting things to post on here :-) The focus of this blog may change a little We shipped our first public beta yesterday (US only for posting at the moment, but open to all to view), so we can start talking...
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