Building High Quality Windows Apps

Just some ramblings from a Technical Evangelist for Windows, Windows Phone & Xbox One about how to build high quality applications for the Windows platform.

May, 2007

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A little about me and this blog

I'm a Principal Technical Evangelist on the US Developer Experience (DX) team covering consumer facing solutions.  I work with developers to bring their applications to the Windows platform and have experience building applications on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One.  In my 15+ years at Microsoft I've worked in support spending my days inside WinDbg staring at memory dumps and source code and telling people how to fix their application problems, and in a number of roles working with our ISV partners (commercial app developers) and consumer app developers.

When I'm not sitting at my computer I enjoy playing golf and volleyball as well as sailing my 24' sailboat on Lake Michigan.  You will also find me spending a lot of time with my 3 children at their sporting events or just hanging out around the house.  Occasionally I can be found playing one my guitar or in my workshop doing some woodworking too. 

My hope with this blog is to help people build better applications on the Windows platform by providing solid, reusable examples of coming application pitfalls on the platform.  I also hope that this blog turns into a conversation place where we can discuss platform issues that hurt quality within applications and how to overcome those issues.