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  • Blog Post: Blog from OneNote 2007 and Word 2007

    Wow, this is a great new feature. If you haven't heard about this yet check out the blog posts below. You can now blog directly from Word 2007 or OneNote 2007 (via Word). This is a great way to write your blog in a disconnected tool that has all the cool spell-checking/thesaurus/etc. tools and then post...
  • Blog Post: Web 2.0, SOA and Gen U

    That's a lot of good stuff, and here's a great presentation that rolls it all into one. This was done by Microsoft's John deVadoss, Director of Architecture Strategy. Well worth the time it will take to watch.
  • Blog Post: Finally, "Save As..." PDF

    In my old job here at Microsoft one of the things I was responsible for was managing the workshops that my group delivered to customers. This involved numerous housekeeping tasks, but none as time consuming as generating the final builds of a workshop after maintenance was done to it or it was completely...
  • Blog Post: Visual Basic 9.0 CTP released

    Are you a VB developer? Are you wondering what is to become of VB? Well, wait no longer. You can begin playing with the next version of Visual Basic now! Check out the Future Versions VB Developer Center to read all about it and get the just release Community Technology Preview (CTP).
  • Blog Post: Interactive Designer Beta ships

    Remember that stuff I was talking about yesterday, the Microsoft Interactive Designer? Well, there is a Beta available for download. You should check out the video on Channel9 and grab the download from the Expression site . In just a few short minutes you too can have a really cool looking picture viewing...
  • Blog Post: This Stuff Rocks!

    A couple of weeks ago I got to spend the week in Seattle with about half of Microsoft's technical field resources learning about all the new stuff we have coming, and boy is it exciting. I was so excited about the new stuff I spent a lot of the last week playing with a few things, and have now finally...
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