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  • Blog Post: Did you Miss Mix06? You can still get the content

    That's right, just because you couldn't attend Mix06 in person doesn't mean you can't get the session content and do the labs. Here's the links you need to know: Sessions here: More here: And here: http://blogs...
  • Blog Post: Let's talk SharePoint

    If you are interested in SharePoint, and you are one of the ISVs that I work with then you need to contact me( ) about the upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Conference. The whole email invite was a lot of space, so I simply attached it to the post. You can open it using Outlook.
  • Blog Post: Are you a Financial Services Developer?

    If so, have you seen the website devoted especially to you? is a website devoted especially to financial services developers. It lists webcasts you can view/attend, events, and other bits of information that is relavent to financial services developers. If you haven't seen...
  • Blog Post: Go to Mix06 for FREE!

    Now that I have your attention, it is true that someone will attend Mix06 on Microsoft's dime. Here's the scoop, you need to download the Mix06 CSS file and then create your own remix of the Mix06 site. See the following link for more info:
  • Blog Post: Mobile Platforms Division ISV Partner Briefing

    On February 1 and 2, 2006, Microsoft is hosting a Mobile Platforms Division ISV Partner Briefing in Redmond , WA . The briefing includes an address on the current state of the mobile PC business, a roadmap of future plans, and a technical exploration of how Microsoft ® Windows Vista™ enhances mobile...
  • Blog Post: It's almost time to MIX it up

    So, in case you haven't heard, there's a new conference in town. The conference is Mix 06 and is being hosted by Microsoft in Las Vegas, March 20-22. This is THE place to go to talk about Web 2.0, AJAX, ATLAS, Windows Live, and more. Did I mention you'll be the first to get your hands on the IE7 Beta...
  • Blog Post: January Events in the North Central Region

    Smart Solutions with SmartClients SmartClients combine the best elements of both Windows and web applications. But SmartClient means so much more than just a Windows Forms application. In this free half-day event, see three different SmartClient approaches in action, while leveraging what you already...
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