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June, 2010

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    Absolutely No Excuse!

    We work in a field populated by brilliant people.  But, like any field, it is also populated by charlatans.  I’m not trying to name call, but when I see a flagrant Security Development Lifecycle violation such as information disclosure of Personally...
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    Hello World v.s. the Twitter App

    I’ve been to two separate technology demonstrations lately wherein the presenter has eschewed the generally well accepted Hello World program as a first example in favor of something different.  As you know, for many years the K&R example has...
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    Do you know about Seadragon?

    Seadragon enables smooth browsing of images as well as Deep Zoom experiences.  It’s the power behind the PhotoSynth technology I mentioned earlier. To operate a Deep Zoom experience like this Michael Jordan one I like, you click where you want to...
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    Do you know about SkyDrive?

    Over the past few days, I have done a completely unscientific survey about SkyDrive.  This test was conducted among three adult males over two days.  Here are the results … Q: Do you know about SkyDrive? Yes: 0 No: 3 Q: Do you know about Live...
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