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August, 2010

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    Categorizing the Cloud Part 2: Where does my business fit?

    Last time we discussed various categorizations of the cloud and determined that there were three dimensions against which we could categorize a Cloud offering. Those dimensions are Service Model, Deployment Model and Isolation Model. Given that the cardinality...
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    Categorizing the Cloud …

    I’ve been thinking about the Cloud a lot lately.  I’ve also been talking to a lot of customers both large and small about Azure .  I’m getting some fairly consistent messages.  On the good side, most of my customers indicate that they are...
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    Three ways to interact with SQL Azure …

    There are several different tools that one can use to interact with a SQL Azure database. Each tool has scenerios that it is best for and an audience to whom it will appeal. Here are three along with some thoughts on each. Method #1: Tried and True...
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