For relaxation purposes (yes, I am a geek) I've been playing with dynamic programming languages:  Perl, Python and Ruby in particular.  Recently I found a project to build a Ruby bridge so you could use it with .NET.  The site is set up as a Wiki:

Unfortunately, when I found the site it had been totally trashed with Spam (they've fixed it since).  Poorly integrated Spam.  Clearly some Spam Bot had just wandered across the site slamming it with links to porn sites and other crud. 

This is a business model?  I am continually stunned to find that Spam and Pop-up ads attract *any* sales.  I understand from some of the cases of Spam they will send out 10 million e-mails and make money off the 50 sales they get back.  But Wiki spam?  Of a technical site? know, I thought I wanted to learn Ruby, but hey hey hey...check out this offer to improve my sex life!  Where's that credit card?