I think I beat step 2 of the design well enough that I can move on to the other elements. I'll look at steps 1 and 3 this time.



  1. I have to ask if these are the only ways in which the note module can be opened in Outlook.
    1. It's not: there could be another addin that opens it, a macro which navigates to it or a customized Ribbon control to open it. The spec needs to account for these.
    2. Outlook can be set to start to any arbitrary folder. I'll add a test case for starting to a sticky notes



  3. Need to verify Outlook opened the notes folder. On this I get lucky: I know the Outlook OM call to make to find out what folder the Outlook explorer window is showing. I'll use this when I write an automated script to test the feature. If I did not know this, more research would be needed into the Outlook object model or Windows (to ask Windows which window has focus) before I could automate.


    I'm still not done with my test plan, though. I have many more questions I need to get answered before I'm 100% done. I have enough to start and I'll get moving on that next.