Someone asked me where I get some of the ideas for the powertoys I create. Mostly, I steal the ideas from Dan Escapa J, but I also check out our discussion group at frequently.

This is exactly where I saw the request for a bulk text file importer and wrote my addin for that process.

 Not to tip my hand, but I saw this question:

" I am searching for a way to print a summary of my pages. Something where only
the Titles are listed (and not the actual content of each page) . I have been
searching for this and can not find any way to do it. "

Well, one of the testers I work with is polishing her solution even as I type this. She gave me permission to mention it publicly, and she should be done soon. I just wanted to point out this discussion group as one more place to get tips and help with OneNote, and give an example or two that we read and respond to comments there.

But as always, feel free to respond directly to me.