Note: as of Jan 5, 2009, there is a slightly updated version of this powertoy at  Sorry for not being able to update these original files (which still work).  Please use the links from the newer article to download the newer files. 


Nani Courten is another tester on the OneNote team and created an incredibly useful addin for OneNote.

The scenario Nani decided to tackle is this one: there is a group of people sharing a notebook. Each person edits a few pages here and there every so often. Now when I open the notebook, I want to quickly find the most recent changes. If a page was changed last night, I want to see it, and if a page has been unchanged for some amount of time, I'm not as interested in viewing it. Essentially, I want a list of most recently changed pages.  

Nani and I talked about this and her solution works perfectly for me. She created an addin which creates a Table of Contents for the section I'm looking at with the most recently changed pages at the top of the list. Each page in the list is a link to the page: I can see what changed last night, click the link and go straight to that page.    

You can also delete the column which shows the time the pages were changed and make a table of contents which lists only the page titles. This way the user who posted to the newsgroups about wanting a summary of the pages in a section can get his information as well.

And did I mention this is incredibly fast?


The setup files (and remember to exit OneNote, run setup.exe as admin and select to install for all users): (new link)

The source (includes setup): (even newer link) (new link)  

Comments are welcome. Nani has already indicated she may expand this to open a dialog to let you choose which columns get created – let me know if you would be interested in this.