Time for another useful powertoy!  This addin, written by our own Jeff Cardon, merges selected pages together.  It is about as simple as it sounds: select the pages you want to merge and click the merge toolbar button.


Some notes: there is a popup dialog which explains Undo is not supported.  You can disable this dialog if you want, and I recommend disabling it as soon as you get comfortable with the implications that Undo is not supported.  There is another warning if you merge more than 10 pages at a time.  Again, you can disable this warning.


The reason I suggest disabling those warning are this is another managed code addin, so we cannot control focus of the confirmation dialogs.  If you click the button and it looks like nothing happened, look "behind" OneNote to see the dialog.  It's easier just to live without the dialogs when you merge pages.


When installing, as usual, exit OneNote, run setup.exe and choose to install for all users.


While I would love to claim this addin was created as a direct result of customer wishes, the truth is that Jeff created  after getting pointed in this direction by Dan Escapa (http://blogs.msdn.com/descapa). Dan had gotten tired of sending all his bits of data to Side Notes a few pieces at a time and wanted a better way of collecting all the data from different pages together.  This is the "better way" :) .


As an aside, should these tools be called addins or powertoys?  Is there a difference in anyone's mind? 


Let me know what you think!


Link to setup files (updated March 5, 2009)- the setup files are added as an attachment to this blog article below my signature.



(New as of Jan 8, 2009):  You can get the source code at http://blogs.msdn.com/johnguin/archive/2009/01/08/source-code-for-the-onenote-merge-pages-powertoy-and-a-tedious-test-task.aspx


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms are always welcome,