A great part of working in OneNote test is the people on our team.  Take Jeff Cardon (again), for instance.  He was wanting to know what types of addins people were requesting the most.  I mentioned the method we tell users to use to make a page a subpage involves cutting, pasting, creating new pages and deleting the old one.  While it's relatively quick to do, I find it a bit tedious, and apparently some users find it overly time consuming.


I left his office to grab some coffee and it seemed like I had just got back to mine and sat down when Jeff came by and said "I have a build for you to test!"  I tested it, it works great,  and (as of 3/12/2009) I moved the download link here:http://blogs.msdn.com/johnguin/archive/2007/09/07/make-subpage-addin-updated-and-a-lenovo-update.aspx




And Jeff also figured out the setting to make the default install be for "Everyone who uses this computer."  This is one less button to click during setup.  Other than that, the standard install directions apply: exit OneNote, install as admin, and restart OneNote when done.


Dan Escapa had also thought about this addin and did not release it.  He gave some code away, though, and you can check his reasoning and code here.   (Personally, I like to think Daniel's reason #3 - that not too many people read these blogs - is no longer true).   Jeff and I decided to give this away since it makes it very easy to make a page a subpage.  After you move a subpage, though, OneNote makes it a page.  Dan thought that may be confusing, but clicking the little toolbar icon makes it easy to make it a subpage again.  I think this is pretty slick, and am using it to reorganize some of my notebooks already.


Undo and selecting multiple pages are even supported.


Some users report the ZIP files have gotten corrupted.  Sadly, the easiest workaround to get them intact is to download with Firefox (sigh).  I'm working with the WinISP staff to find out what is going wrong…




Comments, questions, concerns and criticisms always welcome,