Image Rotation Tool


    Gary Neitzke decided to close a small functionality hole in OneNote.  It's easy to rotate ink or drawings you create, but images cannot be rotated.  Enter Gary's Image Rotation Powertoy.  This one is great for a couple of reasons.


    First, it lets you rotate images :-)  .  "Images," in OneNote terms, are a type of data on a page - the easiest way to create an image is to copy a picture to a clipboard, then paste it into OneNote.  (Text, Audio files, etc.. are treated as different data types.)  Click the Image Tools toolbar icon and you can rotate the image 90 degrees to the right or left, or flip it vertically or horizontally. 


    The second reason this is outstanding is that Gary decided to implement a floating "toolbar" like-object which is opened when you click the toolbar icon.  While this makes perfect sense from a UI point of view, technically, this is a great new technique for powertoys for OneNote.  You are no longer limited to just the click event of the toolbar button!  More on how to do this soon.


    Here it is:(update March 4, 2009: the download link is now below my signature at the end of this entry).


    Here it is in action.  Before rotating an image:




    And after rotating 90 degrees to the right:



    Be careful with this one if you depend on text recognition in images for searching.  Obviously, you will get erratic results if you rotate images with text and make the text upside down before letting OneNote index it…


    Questions, comments, concerns and criticism always welcome,

    John Guin