A week or so ago in a previous entry I uploaded an image here. You can see where I used my pen to annotate the photo, and if you look at it again, you may see the odd comment about "the truncated file name."  Let me explain that comment.

    Well, I got an email last week from a lawyer who uses OneNote to track documents related to his clients. He has a specific naming convention on his hard drive for tracking the documents (some Word, some PDF, etc…) in which the name has a long, common base and is differentiated only by the last few letters of the file name, which is usually a date. I imagine this is an example:


    When he pastes the document into OneNote, the file name gets truncated to this:


    He wanted to know of a way to preserve the full name to show in the UI of OneNote. The workaround we use is to drag and drop the file onto the page a second time and choose to insert a link to the original file:



    Then you can either leave the link as it is, or "clean it up" by removing the path name.

    (Oh, and this entry has another subtle testing purpose behind it. I use the beta version of Live Writer to upload my blog entries, and I have never tried to upload an attachment other than images with an entry. I expect LiveWriter will upload my zero byte Word doc when I try this, but I feel compelled to try and verify if that is what happens.)

    Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,



    PS: the Word document I wanted to attach did not upload, so I converted it to the truncated name image above.