Shu Chen updated his Favorites addin again.  You can get the updated version at the bottom of this page.  He updated his addin based on these comments from Richard:


"...MOVING the OneNote Folder from its position in IE Favorites into Links stops it working properly because the program seems to lose track of its path. If you go to OneNote itself and go to Favorites it tells you that it is empty.

....  I would love to have my OneNotes Favorites folder on my IE toolbar. Must be solvable - can you help!"


So now the OneNote favorites bar is shown in IE.    Again, this is one of my favorite addins (no pun intended).  If you haven't installed it yet, please give it a try.  The link for it is at the bottom of this entry.  For what it is worth, I'll try to upload the files from now on the to the MSDN site.  The other ISPs haven't been as reliable as I had hoped.


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