Over the in the OneNote Discussion Group, Mike made this request for a change to the Table of Contents Powertoy:

    "I have downloaded and used the TOC power toy. Again a great thing!
    However, is there any way to make the power toy produce a table of contents
    which reflects the actual order of the pages rather than by the date last
    I know I could force the power toy to do it by manually making a change to
    each page (which can be deleted) in the reverse order that they appear in the
    It would be nice to be able to flip a switch to change the power toy's
    default behavior to this one :)

    This brought up a conversation Nani (the creator of the original powertoy) and I had when she was working on the original. I also wanted a table that was unsorted since I believed that I could get more pages listed on the table than the page tabs showed at the right. She thought about it, but decided against implementing that "feature" since it would have distracted from the intent of the powertoy. The "efficiency" you gain from having more rows in the table than in the page tab view is also pretty small - I only get 5 extra rows (up from 35) for a 14% boost. And even then, I had to shrink the font to 8 point and resize some of the columns to get my table to look like this:


    Still, it was nice to see someone else asking for a feature I had proposed, so I added a registry key to control whether you wanted to turn off the sorting by date and simply create a table of the pages which exist in the section. I also fixed a type in the title of the page created - it now says "Table of Contents" (plural).

    The details for the registry key are in the readme.txt file included in the setup. As usual, you can download the new version by clicking the link below my signature at the end of the article, and the new source code is here.

    Mike, I hope this meets your needs!

    Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,