This is not so much about testing as life at Microsoft. Near our coffee machines is a little bench where you can sit and talk. And at the end of the bench cushions is a little area that serves as a coffee table. And about three months ago, this appeared on the coffee table part of the bench:


A little abandoned notebook. I figured when I first saw it that someone had simply left it there and would return to pick it up, but no one did. I opened it to see if there was a name, but there wasn't. Only a few doodles and notes. As the days turned into weeks, then months, it has remained there, unclaimed.

I pointed it out to one of my fellow OneNote testers last week and he wondered if the person had dropped it there specifically because of a switch to OneNote. Maybe this person had made the transition away from paper and will never need this notebook again. I wonder.

A haiku to the notebook:

Abandoned notebook,
Are you to be remembered?
Did OneNote oust you?


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