Over the weekend there was a question on the iheartonenote.com site about creating a new page that does not show the date and time by default. This person did not want to click back into the date and time text and delete it each time, but did want the title visible. This is unlike using the WINDOWS+N key to create a new page in Unfiled Notes since that command will give you a completely blank page - no title and no date time either.

There is a way to do this and it only takes about a minute to create. First, open the section where you want to have the pages no longer show date and time when created. Then create a new page and highlight the date and time:


You can hit the delete key to get rid of them. Also, when you highlight each line of text, you can click the control that appears on the right to modify the date or time.

Now over on the page tabs control, click the down arrow next to the new page command. You should get this pop up menu:


Select the More Template Choices and Options… command at the bottom. If you can't get this pop up menu, you can click File | Page Setup to get the same behavior.

Now the Templates pane will open. At the bottom is a link to Save current page as template. Click it.


You will get this dialog. Just give your new template a name and check the box to make it the default for the section:


Click Save and you are done. Now new pages for that section will show the title bar but not have the date and time stamp on them!


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,