The test team has been very busy this year working on OneNote 2010 (you can get the beta here: While we have not had a tremendous amount of free time to create powertoys, I can still dig up the ones that we gave out this year.

  1. Adapx Page Expander: This merely expands a page from a given size to infinite in each direction.
  2. The AutoHotKey script: Not really from the OneNote team - Jordan Knight gets credit for this one. A little setup work is required, but the payoff is very nice.
  3. Highlighted Text finder: In Beta since it only works for English text, but finds and extracts highlighted text from a page.

Like I said, not a tremendous output. But OneNote itself is so great, what else do we need to add :) ?

If you want to write your own addins, a great starting point is the OneNote Developer Center at The schema reference is a must read as well - it would have saved me a few hours had a I read through it before starting on some of my addins.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,