I was pointed at a really slick OneNote 2007 project over at CodeProject. Lionel Laske has put together an Azure application that syncs his notebooks to the iPhone and the Palm© Pre™ . Here's a teaser with what it looks like on the Palm Pre:


It looks great!

It's read only - you can't edit the content on the device. And I don't quite understand the billing model, but I am very impressed with what this accomplishes. Last thing - you have to be online to view this - there is no offline capability here.

It may sound like I'm being harsh and pointing out limitations. I hope it doesn't come across that way - I'm very impressed with this and makes me wish I had one of these phones to try and test it!

The project is OneNote on iPhone and Palm Pre using Windows Azure. Its’ hosted on Code Project, which is a really great site with thousands of tutorial style projects that cover just about every type of task – I really recommend them.  Here's the abstract for the project if you need a little more incentive to go check it out:



This article will show you how you can synchronize OneNote on Windows Azure using OneNote API and Azure Blob Storage. Then, you'll learn how to develop an ASP.NET application to access it from an iPhone and a WebOS application to access it from a Palm Pré©.

Pasted from <http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/rinocp.aspx>

Let Lionel know what you think!

(And the tester in me is looking forward to copying everything from this article and pasting it into Windows Live Writer to create this blog entry. This is a somewhat interesting set of content to copy and paste. It has embedded images, links, colors in headings, and the copyright © and trademark ™ symbols.  --- Now that I pasted, the only thing lost was the color of the word “Abstract”.  The original color was yellow.  It pastes properly to Word, so I suspect I am seeing a bug with Windows Live Writer.  Need to figure out how to follow up with them…)

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