One point of confusion that can come up when we try to help OneNote people with questions is understanding the exact question being asked. For instance, I saw this question on the discussion group:

"If I am typing a series of notes as separate 'paragraphs', how can I start a new paragraph from the keyboard?


The key word here is "paragraphs" - when I think of paragraphs, I think of written prose and the construct used there. Applying that line of logic to this question doesn't make a whole lot of sense. "Just hit enter" would be the response, and that seems far too obvious to be useful.

So I made a guess that the definition of "paragraph" this user was using was what OneNote calls a container on the page. It's the little box outline that gets drawn when you start typing to show the boundary in which text flows, among other things.

So I had to guess when I replied that hitting the down arrow a few times will move the cursor out of the current container and make a new one.

This is what it looks like after I created the second container.


In this case, my guess was correct - this is what the user wants. My method of creating the second container is a bit much for this user, so I will see what else I can find. I'm just glad my definition of container matched the definition of paragraph. Otherwise, we could have gone back and forth for quite a while before we both understood the same question in the same way.

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