Sigh. I had been running Windows XP on my tablet to help get coverage with OneNote on that operating system. I tried to get Remote Access working so I could log in from home, but the driver for it was removed from the internal page. They (our internal IT group) had drivers for Vista, and I decided I had been using XP long enough anyway, so I upgraded to Vista.

My wireless connection quit working at that point. I did all the standard troubleshooting myself (update drivers - they were long out of date, reinstall the drivers, etc…) to no avail. I had to contact our helpdesk and let them remote in to look over the machine. Luckily, I had a wired network connection available, so remote desktop worked. Sadly, the cable I was using had to be disconnected from my IP phone so I did not have that while the tech took control of my tablet.

I was letting that happen off to the side while I turned to testing OneNote. I started to see some erratic problems with a server (which were traced to a fiddler configuration problem eventually), but the developer for that area happened to stop by. He took over my virtual machine to take a look. Since I share the keyboard and mouse among all my desktop and virtual machines, I was locked out of just about everything.

Here's the obligatory photo of everything I had that I could not use:


After some extra troubleshooting on the tablet, it seems the network card may be bad, so a replacement to test with is on its way. My phone is now working again, and the problem I was having with the server was traced to fiddler as I mentioned.

At least I get my chair back!

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