I came in today ready to follow up on my Broken Skull Theory of software testing, but my Lenovo tablet had some other ideas.  Specifically, a lack of a hard drive.

 I'm looking at a boot screen now that tells me the hard drive is giving a "device error."  I have been hearing the hard drive make clicking noises the past few weeks, and had one error with it a short time ago already.  For the last error ("boot device not present" os something like that) all I had to do was reboot and the tablet worked fine.  This time, though, rebooting is not working.

To be fair to Lenovo, this machine is over three years old now and has been in almost 100% use (when I have it, that is).  After all the other problems I have had (screen rotation detector broke, lost the pen, bad RAM, the hinge holding it all together had to be replaced and so one) I was hoping it would last a few more months.  Now I need to decide if getting a new hard drive is worth it, or do I stop throwing good money and time after bad...


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