I saw a tweet a few days ago which mentioned that someone would have "no more thousands of text files" now that she was moving to OneNote. I just missed saving a copy of that tweet, but the thought reminded me of a powertoy I wrote a few years ago that imports all the text files in a folder into a new section. It was designed to help folks move from "piles of TXT files" into OneNote quickly. I only used it once myself (once I moved all my stuff into OneNote I did not repeat the process) and then forgot about it.

Anyway, this tweet served as inspiration to update this for OneNote 2010. I literally only had to do the steps from my previous article. I added a link to this blog, though, and changed the text on the window for it to mention OneNote 2010. The download is below - there is still no install. Just unzip the file and run the tool. Otherwise, it works just like the original. Here's a screenshot to get you started:


Browse to the location with your text files then select which notebook should get the new section added to it. The name of the new section will be the same name as the folder which held the text files.

The code is functionally unchanged from the OneNote 2007 version so I won't include it here. You can get it from the original version (link above) if you want it.


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