Two events came together to get me to update this powertoy. First, a reader was trying to use this with OneNote 2007 but wanted to customize the date format used. Since I just use whatever format you have defined in Windows, changing the format of the date for this powertoy is the same as changing the date format in Windows. Just go to the Control Panel and in Regional Options is the setting to change the date format.


Second, I needed this to be updated myself. It's vacation time coming up and a trip to the Grand Canyon here in the USA is in order. I wanted to put together a section with ideas for what to do while there - hiking, site seeing, rafting trips and the like. I also wanted to put the schedule together and needed a way to track a week's worth of activities. The calendar/planner agenda maker fits the bill nicely - I just tell it the start day and the number of days, and it creates a set of pages with an agenda for me.


As usual, the download is below my signature. Nothing to install here - just unzip the file and run the executable. Also, the only code that changed was updating it for OneNote 2010 (and a new icon) so I'm not going to bother with the code again. If you want it, it is still available from the original link.


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,