This is definitely more of a tip than anything else. Email showed up earlier this week asking how to get the Unfiled Notes section into a notebook on SkyDrive. The answer is pretty simple - just drag and drop the Section from within OneNote into whichever notebook you want to hold it. If that notebook is on SkyDrive, then your Unfiled Notes will be on SkyDrive and available anywhere.


If you use multiple computers and have two machines with Unfiled Notes and want to get them both to SkyDrive and somehow merge them, then you can still drag/drop them one at a time to the same notebook on SkyDrive. After doing this from your second machine, you will see two sections named "Unfiled Notes" in the notebook (the section from the first machine and another section from the second machine). To merge them, just right click on the section you just dropped and select "Merge into another section":


And you can choose the section into which you want to merge the section you just right clicked.


Then, to verify your Unfiled Notes section is "on Skydrive" (and I know that like all testers everyone immediately verifies the result of every action taken as soon as the action is completed), you can look at File |Options | Save & Backup. Your Unfiled Notes section will point to a URL that contains "" in it. The exact URL will be unique to you.

I hope this helps!


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