Did you know OneNote can talk? Here's how:

Click File | Options to open the option dialog, then click Customize Ribbon. This is to set up the ribbon for the speak command. On the right side of the dialog, expand the Home tab, then click the New Group button at the bottom:


I named the group My New Group.

Then, on the left pane, change the drop down Choose commands from to be All Commands. Scroll down to the Speak command:


Then click the Add>> button to add it to the group named My New Group:


Click OK.

Now go to any page in OneNote and select some text. Click the Home tab and then the Speak button in the group you just created.

OneNote will read the text to you!

This is not unique to OneNote, by the way - all the Office 2010 apps have this.

I was playing around with customizing my ribbon and stumbled across this. It really is a nice feature and I thought I would share it with you. I'm taking a week or so off - see you when I get back!

(And some folks will wonder where the menu command to Solve a system of equations got into my ribbon.  It came from the Math Addin).

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,