OneNote Testing

What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

October, 2010

  • OneNote Testing

    This week in OneNote Test

    It's been awhile since I went over what the test team as a whole has been doing. Here's a snapshot of some of the larger items on our plate right now. First, we are still hiring! The job description is still posted at
  • OneNote Testing

    Code for the table sorting powertoy for OneNote 2010

    Way back when Nani wrote the Table of Contents for OneNote 2007, I looked at her code. She used a DataGridView control to help create the table of contents. This is a nice control to have available and she had this line in the original code: dgvPageList...
  • OneNote Testing

    Table Sorting and Table of Contents powertoy for OneNote 2010

    Nani, who created the original Table of Contents powertoy for OneNote 2007 expanded her code to add the ability to sort tables. Here's her description, and you can get the download file by [updated as of 4-28-2011] going here: http://blogs.msdn...
  • OneNote Testing

    An obvious (to a tester) test case

    I honestly don't remember when I ran this as an "ad hoc" test: In my share on SkyDrive, I have a notebook with the name "Open Notebook.onetoc2." Folks that have poked around the location in which notebooks are stored have probably...
  • OneNote Testing

    A room full of testers can be very detail oriented

    We had a meeting last week that was half aimed at developers and half aimed at testers. The meeting went well and the developer half of the talk was going as expected. Then the test part of the meeting started. When that happened, the testers in the room...
  • OneNote Testing

    The XPS printer is needed by the Send to OneNote Printer

    Just got back from a vacation and I had some printer questions waiting on me when I got back.  One particular question came up twice today and I wanted to clarify where to check for the XPS printer on Windows 7 as a troubleshooting step.  Since...
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