Nani, who created the original Table of Contents powertoy for OneNote 2007 expanded her code to add the ability to sort tables.


Here's her description, and you can get the download file by [updated as of 4-28-2011] going here: looking under my signature at the end of this article.



This power toy allows users to:

  • Create a new table of contents page outlining the pages in the current section. The feature can be accessed through the ribbon:

Insert -> Table of Contents -> (Outline | Last Modified Date)


This mirrors the functionality of the original OneNote 2007 addin.


  • Sort on OneNote tables:

If a table is selected, it can be sorted on the selected column. User has the option to exclude the first row. The feature can be accessed through the ribbon:

Select a table, Table Tools -> Layout -> Sort Table



So the "Ignore First Row Asc" will sort the table using the selected column but leave the top row unchanged. This way, if you have something like this


if you sort by the first column.

Other Improvements from OneNote 2007 version:

  • Page level improvements:

With the 'Outline' table of contents, you see sub-pages indented based on page level

  • Performance has been dramatically improved
    • Instead of getting the hierarchy for all opened Notebooks (twice), the CurrentSectionId property of the new Window class is used to get the hierarchy for the section
    • Improved sort function when creating sorted table
    • Improved efficiency in creating the table xml



  • If you add data to the same outline as the table of content, the added data will be lost on TOC update. Data in other outlines will be maintained.


There are 2 setup files included at this page: One is for the 32 bit version of OneNote (the "x86" setup), the other is for the 64 bit version. You can click File | Help in OneNote and see which version you have over on the right. Exit OneNote completely before running setup!


Enjoy this great powertoy! I'll get the source code and package it up as well. Since I can only have one attachment per entry, it will have to wait.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,