This question came up in email over the weekend:

 "How do I print the current select of text in OneNote?  Similar to IE."

 Well, the smallest item in you can print OneNote is a page. A suggestion came out to copy and paste into Word or Powerpoint and print from there. The fellow who made this request wanted a powertoy to do this ( it would be possible since the API exposes the selection), but also wanted the powertoy to avoid using Word. His hope was to get a powertoy that did not depend on Word being installed.

 I was thinking about how to do this when I realized that there is a way to use nothing but shortcut keys to complete this task within OneNote. Here's what I came up with:

 Select whatever you want to print




 Essentially, this copies selection the clipboard, creates a new Sidenote, pastes there, then invokes Print.  WIN + N is the “trick” here – we already have a shortcut key to create a new Sidenote, so this makes it easier to use only OneNote to do the printing.

 If that is too many keys to remember, you can use AutoHotKey to reduce this to a single shortcut.

 I was a little curious if this was any faster than using the menu command in IE to similarly print from the browser. My informal testing showed it was about the same time for me to use this versus clicking the menu item in the browser and selecting that menu command. There may be a way to invoke this from the browser with a shortcut key but I don't know what it is if it exists.

 The best powertoy is one that can be avoided. I hope this helps!

 Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,