David Tinney sent me this really nifty addin for Visual Studio 2008. It lets you copy code with formatting from Visual Studio into OneNote. It’s been a popular request from those folks out there that write a lot of code and I’m glad to see this type of addin get created.  Here's the short description:


CodeTo1Note (pronounced: Code To One Note) is an add-in for the
Visual Studio 2008 IDE which imports selected lines of code from the
editor into a selected target within OneNote 2010.

The entire project, along with the full directions, can be downloaded from the zip file below my signature here: http://blogs.msdn.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer-Components-PostAttachments/00-10-13-12-44/CodeTo1Note.zip .

David finished this on Thanksgiving Day and decided to share this with everyone. Enjoy!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,