"Vince" wrote to me a while back and asked if there was any way to update the text importer to import JPG files.  It seems he had hundreds of these files for an anatomy class and was getting frustrated with copy/pasting them one at a time into OneNote.  It turns out it was fairly simple to make the needed changes, so here is the updated tool I wrote.  It works much like the text importer - browse to the folder that holds the files, select the images you want to import (CTRL+A will select everything in the folder) and then Import.  Unlike the text importer, you actually have to select the files you wish to import - it won't automatically detect the images in the folder.  It may be easiest to move all the files you want to import into one folder before running this utility.  If someone wants to update it to iterate through all supported images, feel encouraged!


This uses the same tree control I've been using for awhile to let you choose where to import them.  It uses the file name of the image for the page name and imports one image per page it creates.


I also added some code to import the image at the same size in pixels as it exists on the hard drive.  If the image is 1300 pixels wide and 900 pixels tall, I use that as the height and width of the imported image.  And if it matters to you, I import them as page level objects rather than putting them in outlines.  This all serves to keep the images from being "too small" when imported.


Although Vince only needed to import JPG files, the same code works for other image files, so this toy will import BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG files.

Update:  as of Feb 9, this will now allow for the import of TIFF files.


There is no setup for this toy.  Just download the file from below my signature, unzip it and run the EXE.  I'll post the code next week since Thursday is a day off for us here in the states.




Questions,  comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,