David has been busy adding to his CodeTo1Note addin. He sent me the update (below my signature below, [update -  get it here : http://blogs.msdn.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer-Components-PostAttachments/00-10-13-12-44/CodeTo1Note.zip] -it includes an MHT file with setup and how to information) and here's what is new:


I’ve added an enhancement to CodeTo1Note which provides for User specified preferences (colors, tab width, and Line Numbers On/Off ) in an xml file.

A schema validation is performed on the xml. If a violation is detected, defaults are applied to override the user preferences thus guaranteeing a successful import.

The documentation [which is included in the download file - John] has been updated to reflect this change. I’ll likely release one more version which will be Visual Studio 2010 compatible after the holidays early next year. [John's note: this includes a VS 2010 version.]


I am glad David got the VS 2010 version done as well. I don't have any VS 2008 machines left and wanted to incorporate this into my daily work!

Here's a quick preview of what code looks like when sent to OneNote:


It's probably a preview of something else, if you look closely enough :)

One other comment: I had to go to the DLL and “Unblock” it to get VS to load it.  Right click the DLL | Properties | there is an unblock button near the bottom.  I was getting error 80131515 in case this helps you.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,