Way back in 2007, Dan Escapa wrote a powertoy to alphabetize pages. He was good enough to send me the source code and after thinking about this for awhile, I finally figured out a way to get it update for OneNote 2010. Here it is (link is below my signature): enjoy! Eagle eyed readers might have spotted a hint for this update in my previous post...

Once you install it, you will get a Sort Pages command on the Addins tab:


It will turn this (the pages on the left) into this (the pages on the right):


Notice the multiple levels of pages - that was the big stumbling block for me. I never could get my mind around a good way to sort these, and finally decided on the algorithm of sorting the parents first, then the children pages. It seemed to make the most sense overall.

And if you sort pages and then immediately decide you do not like the new ordering, you can hit CTRL+Z to undo the changes. Let me know if you think this is useful.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,