While cleaning out my email a short while ago, I found a tree view control for OneNote 2007 I had built as its own standalone project. This is the same control I use in the text importer and other tools. I had forgotten I had it as its own project and thought I should go ahead and give it out. So here you go!

I had let the OneNote team know about this via email, and here's the message I sent:


Say gang,

Here’s a tree control for ON.  Loads the XML hierarchy and populates the nodes based on the notebooks, sections and page names.

If anyone thinks this is useful, I’ll try to rebuild it as an ActiveX control to make it a little easier to use overall.  If not, have fun.


It's kind of odd to see this now. I did this shortly after I came to the OneNote team - nowadays I would post something like this in a shared notebook. This could get thrown into the "blast from the past category." It's also nice to be able to point to something for OneNote 2007.


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,