Here's a neat trick I found to quickly use the mouse to get a column of data out of a OneNote table.

First, start with a table:



Then, move the mouse to the top of the column you want to extract:


Then click. The selected column will now be highlighted in blue:


Here's the key: grab an item you want to extract (like capybaras) and drag/drop to outside the table (and I really need to find out how to upload videos to this blog, by the way. It would make explaining this be so much easier):


(Notice the typo from where I mixed and matched screenshots…)

When you drop, you get this:


Pretty slick! This all came about because one of the testers here wanted to use a column from a table to make a simple bulleted list in another area of a notebook. This is now how he does it!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,