OneNote Testing

What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

May, 2011

  • OneNote Testing

    Getting to the OneNote API with Python

    Just when I thought I might get bored on a three day weekend (here in the USA, it is Memorial Day weekend) Varun Srinivasan, a program manager on the OneNote team, put together a How To to get Python working with OneNote. Details are at his blog: http...
  • OneNote Testing

    Back to working efficiently

    A quick recap - I had been intentionally performing a lot of testing work manually in order to track where my time was going. Once I had that list , I worked on a tool to alleviate as much of this as possible. So I came up with a tool to do these tasks...
  • OneNote Testing

    Working inefficiently in the test team

    I've spent the last two weeks being very inefficient. Obviously, I had a reason for this and it goes something like this. We have some test tools that we run every day to help find bugs in OneNote. The tools are great and generate TONS of information...
  • OneNote Testing

    Tip: Synonyms in OneNote

    An email came through my inbox recently wanting to know how to get synonyms working in OneNote. The author was used to this being on the context menu from Word and wanted to know how to get the same functionality going in OneNote. There are at least three...
  • OneNote Testing

    If it could have gone wrong…

    We're getting a new tester next week and one of the things I need to do before she starts is get her computers put into an office for her. That way she won't lose any time trying to figure out how to connect the hardware to our network setup, where to...
  • OneNote Testing

    One of the problems with hard coded strings

    Just about a year ago, I wrote about a problem our automation scripts had with hard coded strings . In that case, the version number of OneNote was a problem. We recently had a similar problem but this time based on a string used in our namespace for...
  • OneNote Testing

    OneNote Printer Troubleshooting Tips

    I've been working quite a bit recently on the OneNote Printer.  I had a bug reported with my automation script (I was checking to see if the printout had been inserted much too soon – the fix was to wait until the printout was imported correctly...
  • OneNote Testing

    Source Code for the updated Table Powertoy for OneNote

    Just a short note today. Below my signature is the download file for the updates Brad Covell made for the Table of Contents / Table Sorter powertoy for OneNote. If anyone improves this further, feel free to ping me. If it really takes off, maybe we...
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