I was sitting in my office today and noticed a fellow in the hallway looking at the Twitter feed I keep in my window. He looked around a little, then walked into my office to introduce himself.

John, an intern from another building, just came over to our building because he heard OneNote was made here.  When he saw the twitter feed in my office window and figured he had found us.  He wanted to say how much he loved OneNote and was really jazzed to meet someone on the team. This was still a little early in the morning and not many other folks had made it in yet.

I asked him the feature of OneNote he hated the most and he mentioned the tray icon.  He uses Vista and has a third party addin to hide that icon.  He mentioned he never uses it except for screen clipping and just wanted to hide the UI to give a clean desktop.  He did not know about anything else it did other than clipping.

Then he mentioned his iPad and how much he uses it and he wishes he had OneNote on it.  He had never heard about the iPhone app either, and said he would look into this for a cross platform solution.   I asked if he had ever used Skydrive and he said no since he did not even have a Live ID.  He had not heard about the web client at all, so I asked him to create an ID, log in, use OneNote 2010 on Skydrive and let us know what he thought.

I left him with some email contacts he can use to give us even more feedback about OneNote.

I mentioned this encounter to the team and someone wanted to know why I asked about the feature he hated the most, rather than what he loved the most. Easy answer - I'm a tester and want to find where our product is weakest so we can improve!

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to hear about a OneNote fan that came over to our building just to say hi.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,