I've gotten this question a few times now and once more last night made me think this may be worth posting. Here's the situation.

You have printed to OneNote, or made a screen clipping, or otherwise sent some data to OneNote. We pop up a "Quick Filing" dialog that looks similar to this:


And it usually has a little checkbox at the bottom that you can toggle to have OneNote use your answer as the default and not prompt you any more:


Both of these images are taken from our technical documentation for this dialog, by the way.

Anyway, you may have answered that you want to send Screen Clippings to some section that later gets moved, deleted or you just change your mind where you want the clipping to go. If you have turned off that dialog, here's how to get it back.

Click File | Options and then click the Send to OneNote link, like this:


From here you can make changes for the different locations, or set OneNote to prompt you each time.

Pretty easy way to change your mind and get this dialog back (at least I think it is easy, but I may be a tad biased :) )

I hope this helps.

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