I got a couple of user requests recently to update the table sum powertoy that I wrote for OneNote 2007 to work with OneNote 2010. Always happy to oblige, I updated it and here you go. If you just want to install it, the link for the download is below my signature at the bottom of this page.

Since I did not include the setup program for the original, I changed it slightly since I had to redo the setup. Now it just uses a label in the ribbon instead of an icon:


It shows as "Table Sum (2010)" on the Add-Ins tab of the ribbon. This text label is only a registry key so you can change it if you want.  The other icon is the bulk ink eraser toy I wrote, by the way.

Other than that, it should work as the original. It turns this:


Into this:


Other than re-writing the setup application from scratch (my own fault, really), all I did was follow the directions here to update it.


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,