Omer, one of our developers here, kicked out a nice little powertoy for OneNote 2010 that lets you see when pages were created in a calendar type of format. He graciously agreed to let me share it here, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Here's the quick start to it:


Calendar view for OneNote that displays the pages on the date you created or last modified them.



  • Click on the page titles to navigate to them in OneNote
  • Quickly switch to a different month/year from the top right
  • F5 to refresh
  • Requires OneNote 2010

I will also add that this is a standalone tool and you just run the executable to make it display the calendar. Also, I have a very huge number of pages in the 30+ notebooks I have open, so it takes a while to load that large of a data set.

The download is below my signature. Just download it and then unzip the file to get to the EXE.

Edit 11/30/2011:  Omer has released this on his own blog at - jump over there to get it!


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