I was working with tags associated with a  remodel project the other day and needed to search my Unfiled Notes section for all the TO DO items I had left for myself there. As usual, I went to the Home tab and select Find Tags - this gives me the summary pane of tags. It looked something like this:


Now the “Finalize paint colors” task I had here (right in the middle of this list) has already been finalized. I wanted to check this as done. Here's the tip - you don't have to navigate to the page to do this. You can check the box as Done right here in the Tags Summary pane.

To test this out, you can change the setting at the top of the tag pane so that the summary pane only shows unchecked items. Then when you check it, the pane will update immediately and remove it from the list.

Pretty nifty - this means I don't have to navigate around to check items as done.

Let me know if this tip helps you out.

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