The former website I had used for years now to aggregate tweets about OneNote looks like it shut down recently. Goodbye, twendz, we really miss you!

So I had a task this week to go and find a new aggregate twitter site. This was much harder than it seems. Most of the links I found to different free services are for sites that have shut down. If I were more cynical, I would assume that the allure of twitter as being the new, unique and "must monitor" social networking service is starting to fade. Mostly, I could find sites that would filter through the tweets on OneNote, but they did not provide a live feed and I did not want to write a script to constantly refresh the page.

I kept plugging at it and finally found one site that seems to work - (notice the two "t" characters - edgy). Fortunately, it has a black background like the old site so most folks don't seem too upset with the new UI. In all seriousness, I tried changing sites a few years ago and immediately had folks tell me to change back to the old UI. In this case, I have had a few folks swing by and ask if the font changed. Also, most folks seem to like that there is more information on the screen than the old - mostly allowing for the smaller font. Here's a small sample:


It's not perfect. Every so often, it will quit updating, so I am still looking around for how to show this data to the team.

Now, back to testing OneNote.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,