Recently a topic came up in which a OneNote user, who does not have a tablet PC, was having difficulties using ink features on Windows 7. The first thing to check is to ensure Windows has Tablet PC functionality enabled even if you do not have a tablet so that ink can work. Here's how.

First, open the control panel and click the Programs link. You will see this:


Then click the link to Turn Windows features on or off.  (The little shield icon means you will get prompted that something is trying to change Windows, by the way.  I also got a question about that icon last week.) You will get this dialog:


Put a check mark next to Tablet PC components and click OK. You may or may not get prompted for your CD and then Windows will install tablet support.

This is also the same location in which you can install the XPS printer (which is needed by the OneNote Printer).

This is just a troubleshooting tip and should not be needed in Windows 8.

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