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What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

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  • Blog Post: Sharing the notes I created when I took a class

    A few months ago I "took" a class in ordinary differential equations by enrolling MIT's open courseware class on the subject. I've already written about the testing strategies I picked up from that experience. I want to share a subset of the notes I took so everyone can clearly see what I did. Plus,...
  • Blog Post: Looking for students worldwide to help with the OneNote Object Model

    This is great news: the shared source OneNote OM at has been selected as a beta project for our " Students to Business " program. We are currently looking for some students to complete some tasks with the OM - more details on the program in general are at
  • Blog Post: Sharepoint notebook problems and another hint

    One bug report we've been trying to track down has to do with sections from Notebooks on Sharepoint servers getting marked read only. One cause has been isolated, and David Rasmussen has the details here . It involves how your computer is set up to use a proxy server to make an internet connection, and...
  • Blog Post: Logs, Lns and Log10: OneNote gets it right

    As I mentioned before, one of the areas of OneNote I took when I came to the team was what we call "Napkin Math." This the ability to type equations like 8-4= And getting a "4" when you press Enter or the spacebar. It also works for basic trigonometric functions like Sin(45)=0.707106781186547...
  • Blog Post: More lessons learned when taking notes in a class environment

    I'm still using OneNote 2007 to take notes on an ordinary differential equations class I downloaded from MIT. As I discovered earlier this week, this is really a stress test of notetaking. Advanced math classes like this are not the "typical" class most students take, and most of my notes are formulas...
  • Blog Post: Using (and testing) OneNote in a classroom

    I was wondering aloud the other day about how students use OneNote in a class environment. I've heard a little bit of feedback through our newsgroup and from a few other websites like . Nothing compares to first hand use, though, so I decided to try it out myself in a classroom setting...
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