I guess it's time to admit what I do for my day job here at Microsoft. Sadly I don't get to play with SPOT watches and digital cameras every day (and that's the story we're all going to be telling my manager, right?). Well, my title is “Programmer/Writer”, and I work on the Visual Studio C# documentation team creating new content and dreaming up ways to help you folks - the programmers that use C# - get the information you need.

So, since I've been so honest, now it's your turn. If you had the opportunity to improve the coverage of one area in the current C# documentation, what would it be? What topic would like you see explained in more detail? Would you like more documentation about the C# language itself, or more examples of applications of the language? How useful do you find large project walkthroughs compared to short code examples?

Documentation can be a tricky thing to get feedback on - many people will just say "Google" when I trap them in a corner and ask them where they get their C# help from, but often Google just points right back at MSDN and the content I write. So, forget finding the content for the moment, and tell me what type of content you like to see..