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May, 2004

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    Mother's, SPOT and Starbucks - a sign of the times

    You know that you are really living in the future when your mother sends an instant message to your SPOT watch telling you that Starbucks are opening their first coffee shop in Northern Ireland . Now when I return home for a visit I won't have to wander...
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    Tech Ed - Not.

    Despite some rumors to the contrary, I'm not actually attending Tech Ed. For legal reasons, Microsoft doesn't allow me to talk to real people face to face, after.. well.. I'm not allowed to talk about that. Let's just say, a certain Ms. D. Barrymore isn...
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    POOM the easy way

    Pocket PC development has always been a secret passion of mine, and after writing a series of columns that appeared on MSDN, I still get emails asking various questions. “Are you the real John Kennedy?“, “Aren't you dead?“,...
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