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June, 2004

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    C# Express: My favorite IDE tricks

    Having had reason to play with C# Express for the past few months, I’ve learned a few tricks that speed up my programming and just make life a lot more enjoyable. Maybe “tricks” is the wrong word – these features are kind of obvious...
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    C# Express: Getting Started

    You’ve downloaded and installed C# Express and played with some menu options. Now what? We’ve tried to make it look friendly, but heck, it can still be intimidating if you’ve not used Visual Studio before. Here are some suggestions as...
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    C# Express: Get Help

    Here are some more Help-related links for C# Express: Download MSDN Express - an expanded documentation set. Online version of the C# Express documentation - have a look if you are still undecided about installing C# Express. How and where...
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    C# Express is here!

    Well the Beta release is here, at any case. In fact, it’s so completely and utterly here that you can download and install right now from the MSDN Express site . C# Express is designed especially for students, hobbyists and anyone who wants...
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